We are announcing LIVING SKY, a revolutionary spatial reverb powered by your GPU.


We are a Montréal-based startup developing
unconventional spatial audio technology for immersive applications.


We believe that our incipient, proprietary algorithms have the power to disrupt standards of quality, efficiency, and flexibility in the XR media and gaming industries.


Standing on over 15 years of research experience and over one hundred scientific publications in the fields of virtual acoustics and deep music technology, Outer Echo strives to push the boundaries of interactive art and digital entertainment by providing artists and producers with unique audio signal processing techniques to help shape the sound experiences of the future.


From algorithm design to prototype implementation and custom integration, Outer Echo is set to offer consulting and technology licensing in a wide range of computational audio topics such as physical modeling synthesis, spatial and binaural sound, virtual musical instruments, or interactive audio for games and virtual reality.


We are in the early stages of development, working on prototypes while dealing with intellectual property protection and establishing connections with relevant parties. If you want to know more, you can reach out to us at:



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